Hello sun 

The sun finally came out today and Sofia and me were being the happiest about cruising around in her car and took a long walk. As I gained a bit of weight lately I was a bit anxious about what to put on now that it got warmer. A lot of magazines make you believe crop tops are one of the main no-go’s for curvy girls but I guess we all proved them wrong.

So a crop top and a high waist jeans will forever be my go to look. And it worked out well again, you shouldn’t be hiding when you don’t feel well with you body. I saw these pictures and I was like „Oh wow, I like that and maybe I’ve been a little to hard to myself“ 

That’s why we all need to step out of our comfort zone every now and them and prove ourselves wrong 🙏 

And I know you’ll all be asking: 

Jeans is from Asos called FARLEIGH and comes in a lot of different colors 

She’s back 

Hey lovelies,

it’s been a while since my last post on here, but those who follow me on Instagram know I was quite busy the last weeks and spent a month in London for modeling. It’s been a crazy time and I don’t want to miss any moment there.

If you want to know more about modeling and what times abroad look like let me know in the comments! This outfit was shot Weiterlesen

Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day is always a big deal, especially single girls seem to have their issues with this day. It’s like it reminds us that we are lonely and there is no one giving us flowers. But what about dedicating this day to selflove? Weiterlesen


So many girls ask me what I do to feel so confident and comfortable in my own body. Sometimes I just like to put on some nice underwear, just for myself! I like the feeling that good lingerie gives you and how it makes you immediately feel sexy and graceful.

Every woman should do that every now and then: find out what flatters your body, because feeling comfortable in your underwear is way more sexy than showing off as much skin as possible and not feeling confident doing that. I love high waisted panties or bodies. Stand in front of a mirror and look at what good underwear does to you and start to realize how good it feels. Look at your body, flaunt your shape and gain some new confidence! I believe that when you had that moment when you danced around in your undies, watching yourself in the mirror, realizing you look amazing you will feel more confident in every other outfit and you will not feel the urge to hide your body anymore.

This beautiful body (find it here) is from be curvy! Definitely check them out for beautiful lingerie for every shape and size!

Style at any size

img_6420Only one year ago I could not imagine to ever wear thigh high boots, first of all because everything higher than my ankle wouldnt fit my legs. And I thought this style only works on skinny girls. Being surrounded by people telling us that curvy girls shouldn’t do this or shouldn’t do that, makes you think black jeans and a shirt is the only outfit you will ever look good in. To be honest I wouldn’t wear everything and I know what goes well with my bodytype Weiterlesen

express yourself

Talking to my friend Sofia yesterday made us realize that too man people keep hiding behind their style. Fashion should be something to express who you really are and how you feel. My sytle changed a lot after accepting my bodytype. Weiterlesen

show me your legs

Summer is here and it’s time for showing society that we dont care about their beauty standars. I love to show some leg in the right way (always feeling uncomfy in short skirts) a Shorts or a loose Jumpsuit are the best choice for me when the temperature is rising. Weiterlesen


Why do we let numbers control so much of our happiness? Numbers on a scale, numbers in a shirt, number of follower… These things often let us think they define who we are.

A Shopping trip a few days ago made me think about it. I tried on a pants and we all know trying on pants is one of the hardest missions. They were supposed to have a wide fit, I didn’t even have a chance to close it Weiterlesen

The Pantsuit

I’ve been looking for the perfect two piece for ages now and finally found the ONE on (of course) Asos Curve.

I suprised myself by buying it Weiterlesen


„Women come in all shapes and sizes and they are all worth to be loved!“ – so let’s celebrate all women and especially celebrate ourselves.

It’s been a long and sometimes hard way for me to appreciate what I got Weiterlesen